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Dual Laminate

Considering all the dual laminate on the market, it’s our bonding layer that sets us apart. Our bonding technology eliminates air gaps between the FEP liner and the vinyl ester structure, thereby preventing condensation between the liner and structure, a common and costly problem in lined steel pipe. All RPS dual laminates have a naturally corrosion resistant exterior, providing excellent durability in corrosive environments. Choosing RPS dual laminate means longer life and lower lifecycle costs.


MAXARFlex™ provides you the ability to switch out sections of lined steel or dual laminate piping with minimal down time.

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Seamless PP, CPVC and PVC FRP Pipe & Fittings

Our dual laminate pipe and fittings are manufactured from virgin chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and are chemically inert to a broad range of commercial chemicals.

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The following resources will help you choose the piping system that provides the performance you want without paying for more than you need.

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