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Water Treatment

High performance composite systems have numerous applications in industrial wastewater, cooling water, and municipal water utilities, including process piping, drain lines, effluent lines and intake lines, storage tanks, and process vessels.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is often the preferred material of construction for water treatment services using strong acids and bases used for pH control and fluoridation, seawater, and other highly chlorinated water. FRP could be an excellent alternative for applications traditionally using stainless steel because of its higher strength-to-weight ratio and lower life-cycle costs.

The RPS Chemical Resistance Guide

We’ve developed a number of piping systems, which have been designed to provide outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical environments. Download our Guide to explore the RPS family of HPPE (High Performance Pre-Engineered) piping systems.

Reach out for more information about the wide variety of products and operational expertise RPS offers our water treatment customers.