RPS Chemical Resistance Guide

This technical document will help you identify which of our FRP or dual laminate piping systems is best suited to your service and operating conditions.

A series of 12 articles regarding the more technical aspects of working with FRP and dual laminate piping systems, including Pressure Design of Piping Components and How a Pipe Stress Analysis is Carried Out.

This is where you’ll find our technical bulletins on each product, manuals and guides, and other literature which will increase your knowledge about FRP and dual laminate piping systems.

We’ve made dozens of in-person presentations over the years, from Lunch and Learns to conference papers, and we’re beginning to make that content more accessible in the form of webinars. We’re continuously adding to our library, so check back often.

RPS has installed and serviced piping systems in more than 45 countries around the world. Here you will find a few case studies that demonstrate our capabilities.
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