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Mineral Processing

As the energy transition expands, so does the demand for critical minerals. As a result, the mineral processing industry is under pressure to extract, process, and supply these materials in larger quantities and with improved efficiency.

RPS mining and mineral processing customers with locations in Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America benefit from the superior performance of our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) piping, tanks, and vessels. We’re proud to be awarded significant grassroot projects by both asset owners and global EPC firms procuring the non-metallic piping supply. In many cases we are awarded the installation scope as well.

FRP piping for solvent extraction

In solvent extraction processes, FRP piping is commonly used to transport solvents, feed solutions, and extracted substances between various process units, such as mixers, settlers, and evaporators. Its ability to resist chemical corrosion and provide a reliable and durable solution makes it a popular choice for these critical applications. Proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of FRP piping systems in solvent extraction and other mineral processing methods.

RPS has manufactured FRP duct, wastewater piping, acid storage tanks, process vessels, and process piping for solvent extraction, electrowinning, and other types of mineral processing facilities. Our customers also benefit from the expertise and craftsmanship of our Field Service teams. Most commonly, we provide maintenance and shutdown service, pipe and tank inspections (including in-service inspections), and emergency repair.

Governments and industry continue to explore strategies to diversify mineral sources and develop domestic mining capabilities to reduce reliance on a few key suppliers. The earlier we are involved in your project, the earlier we can start making a positive impact on your design and your bottom line.

The RPS Chemical Resistance Guide

We’ve developed a number of piping systems, which have been designed to provide outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical environments. Download our Guide to explore the RPS family of HPPE (High Performance Pre-Engineered) piping systems.

Case Study

Nickel Processing Plant from the Ground Up

In 2010 RPS Composites began manufacturing what would be our largest piping job to date. It spanned over 5 years and in addition to FRP pipe and fitting manufacture, included maximum shop assembly, design engineering, stress analysis support, drafting services, bonding procedure specifications, on-site bonder training, bonder qualification, hydrostatic tests and registration in accordance with CSA B51.

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“I can’t thank the RPS team enough for the absolutely excellent work they have done. I am fully confident this fiberglass was installed as perfectly as possible.”

Mineral processing customer, Nevada

Whether you’re planning an expansion, retrofit, or new build, let us help you optimize your facility with corrosion resistant composites.