Case Studies

RPS Composites has become the preferred supplier of engineered composite solutions to countless companies throughout North America and around the world. We earned that reputation by working closely with customers at the design, manufacturing, and installation stages, and being available when they need us for maintenance, training, and other field services.

The following Case Studies demonstrate the breadth of our experience over a number of industries, and the depth of knowledge in our field. Rest assured we bring this wisdom to any project we work on, and we will bring it to yours.

Nickel Processing

  • Products provided: customized “P” Series and “H” Series corrosion resistant piping and spools; butt & wrap joints; Tapered Adhesive joints
  • Services provided: design engineering, stress analysis support, drafting, bonding procedure specifications, and more
  • Industry: Mineral processing
  • Location: Canada

Project Details

Replacement of Failed Steel Pipe

  • Products provided: “A” Series Erosion / Corrosion Resistant FRP Pipe
  • Services provided: Pipe and fitting component design; pipe system analysis; support design and supply; design of auxiliary steel; and QA of the FRP field joints
  • Industry: Power generation
  • Location: USA

Project Details

Solvent Extraction Settlers and Tank Liners

  • Products provided: FRP panels, flanges, covings and more
  • Services provided: Engineering; design; supply; and installation
  • Industry: Mineral processing
  • Location: Mexico

Project Details

New Production Line

  • Products provided: “P” Series corrosion resistant piping and spools with Tapered Adhesive joints and butt & wrap joints; “A” Series erosion / corrosion resistant piping and spools with Tapered Adhesive joints and butt & wrap joints; “H” Series high temperature corrosion resistant piping and spools with butt & wrap joints
  • Services provided: FRP piping design engineering; stress analysis support; drafting services; bonder procedure specifications; on site bonder training; bonder certification examination and tests; shop hydrostatic tests
  • Industry: Chemical Processing
  • Location: Mexico

Project Details