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For more than 30 years we have successfully installed FRP piping systems – our own and those made by others – in industrial processing facilities all over the US. In fact, part of our turnkey proposition is that RPS can install and service everything we manufacture.

Most FRP pipe systems and equipment failures are the result of installation errors. On some work sites, fiberglass reinforced plastic is still seen as a novel material and sometimes it’s handled as a metallic. Our Service teams see a lot of over-torquing, for example, which introduces high stresses and leads to failure at the flange.

Dual laminate piping installation is a unique craft, and we are often called upon to complete all thermoplastic welding of field joints, particularly the fluoropolymers.

RPS knows composites. Most of our field service teams have decades of experience between them, and our team members aren’t only laminators and joiners, they’re craftworkers. Count on us to be your dual laminate and FRP installation contractors. Helping you realize the full benefit of these non-metallic corrosion resistant materials is what we do.

You’ll find many of our locations and/or individual employees have been certified or pre-qualified by Avetta, ISNetworld, OSHA, TWIC and MSHA.


6,000 U-PVC FRP Field Welds

Most General Contractors (GCs) have very skilled teams with considerable knowledge and experience, and some have workers with specific skills in high demand. But for those jobs that demand distinct craftwork capability and capacity, a GC will sub-contract the work, and that’s exactly why we got a call from a prominent GC in Louisiana.

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Subcontracting to RPS FOR FRP Field Service

There are many reasons a general contractor would want to use a subcontractor.

Subcontracting offers the ability to expand your team’s size without having to make long-term hiring commitments. It also allows a general contractor to add expertise and experience in a specific craft to their team on an as-needed basis, increasing that team’s productivity in the process. 

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Our multiple manufacturing and service facilities in the United States and Canada enable us to provide best-in-class service response times and production capacity. Click on the map below to find field services near you.

If you have a project that could benefit from our many decades of experience in the successful installation of FRP piping systems, please contact us.