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You spoke, and we listened. You told us you wanted the ability to switch out sections of lined steel or dual laminate piping with minimal down time. You told us the new product had to match lined steel dimensions, and require no thermoplastic welding. You told us you wanted the convenience of cutting your dual laminate pipe to custom lengths. And you told us that using your maintentance crew was preferable to calling for service. Introducing MAXARFlex™: the newest innovative product from RPS Composites. One that puts control back into your hands. Literally.

Designed for maintenance departments

Eliminates lined steel pipe issues

Fabricate dual laminate spools on site

No metal or thermoplastic welding required

Prepare custom lengths at any time

Up and running in about 90 minutes


Designed with maintenance departments in mind

Saves Time and Money

Consider the many benefits this product will give you:

Product Features Benefits to You MAXARFLEX Lined Steel
Seamless bonded liner Full vacuum rating. Eliminates liner failures, particularly in thermal cycling applications. No need for weep holes and the subsequent potential for highly corrosive leaks.
Lined steel fitting dimensions Bolt in replacement of corroded or failing lined steel fittings
Corrosion resistant FRP structure No external painting or coating required
Light weight – less than one-third the weight of carbon steel pipe Safer to handle, faster to install
Inventory of standard pipe and fittings Reduced down time
Lap joint flanges available Flexibility in bolt hole alignment, faster installation
FEP, PVDF, PFA liner materials Optimizing cost and performance for your specific service
Inherently corrosion resistant throughout Lower life cycle cost
No metallic or thermoplastic welding required No hot work permit; no composites technician expertise; easy field fabrication for lower installed cost

How MAXARFlex™ Works

Advantages of Composite Piping

  1. Your maintenance team identifies a section of fluoropolymer-lined steel or fluoropolymer-lined FRP that needs replacing. This system is compatible with 1½”, 2”, 3”, and 4” diameter pipe.
  2. Workers retrieve replacement MAXAR™ pipe from inventory and prepare the end(s) with the MAXARFlex™ tooling kit.
  3. With the skyving tool they remove the outer FRP, and install a new RPS DuoForm flange.
  4. They trim and flare the liner.
  5. Repeat for the other end, if necessary, and place into service.

The MAXARFlex™ Tooling Kit

  • 4 adjustable mandrels, one for each diameter
  • spanner wrenches
  • 4 skyving tools & cutting bits
  • epoxy, epoxy gun, applicator
  • 4 internal heating collars
  • 4 trim rings
  • 1 adjustable flaring tool & guide sleeves
  • 4 flaring cone plates and pin
  • Carrying case for above

You will also need

* These items are available as add-ons. *


  • pipe vise stand *
  • 3/4″ drill motor with handle *
  • 5″ grinder with 36-grit sanding pads
  • extension cords
  • 16-grit sand paper
  • 2′ level and/or torpedo level
  • disposable rags or cloth
  • propane torch or oven *
  • tape measure
  • pipe wrap
  • razor knife

Safety Equipment

  • safety glasses
  • ear plugs
  • steel toed shoes or boots
  • leather gloves


  • Replacement RPS MAXAR™ pipe (FEP/FRP) or PVDF/FRP or PFA/FRP at 1½”, 2″, 3″ or 4″ diameter *
  • RPS Duo-Form flange *
  • gasket *
  • bolts *

Imagine your team performing these tasks in-house – no waiting.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to work with these tools.

To learn more about the MAXARFlex tooling kit or to arrange a demonstration, contact us.