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Maintenance and Repair

One of the more compelling advantages of FRP and dual laminate equipment is it typically requires less maintenance than other piping materials. On-site Maintenance Teams are the first line of defense when it comes to maintaining an FRP piping system, and when specialists are required, RPS Field Service teams are available. We perform FRP tank and equipment repair, FRP pipe repair, dual laminate tank and equipment repair, and dual laminate piping repair. This includes scheduled and emergency call outs, scheduled maintenance, turnarounds, and Long-Term Service Agreements.

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FRP field joints


Fiberglass lamination

Tank coating / recoating

Thermoplastic field welds

Thermoplastic liner repairs

Leak detection is another vital aspect of maintenance. Identifying and addressing leaks promptly is essential because leaks can lead to structural damage and disrupt the piping system’s performance.

In cases where damage, such as cracks or holes, is discovered in the FRP equipment, it’s imperative to conduct repairs using appropriate materials and techniques. Repair methods can include patching, bonding, or the use of composite materials, with a focus on compatibility with the original FRP material.

Expansion joints, if applicable, need regular inspection and maintenance to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction while preventing stress on the piping system.

Support and anchor systems are critical components to ensure the stability of the FRP piping. Regular checks should be conducted to confirm that they adequately support the system’s weight and maintain proper alignment. Any damaged or deteriorated supports should be promptly replaced.

Flange connections and gaskets are prone to wear and potential leaks. Regularly assess their condition and re-torque bolts to manufacturer’s specifications to prevent leaks, being careful not to over-torque.

Keeping detailed records of inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities is crucial for tracking the condition and history of the FRP piping system.

By consistently implementing these maintenance practices, FRP piping systems can enjoy an extended operational life, reduced risk of leaks and failures, and continued safety and efficiency in industrial processes. Consulting with RPS Field Service can provide valuable guidance in ensuring the proper care and maintenance of your system.

“RPS Composites helped us during a month-long shutdown at the Kennecott Smelter in Salt Lake City. They met and exceeded all of our safety and training guidelines and while on site did not have a single safety incident. Due to their focus, planning, and expertise, they were able to accomplish all jobs a week ahead of schedule.”

Rio Tinto, Kennecott

Some customers find the best value when we are embedded in their facilities, working with them behind their fence line to provide real time information and support. In this way we can work collaboratively to identify root causes and develop custom, permanent solutions.