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Chemical Processing

Over the last several decades, RPS Composites has contributed to the success of many Fortune 100 industrial chemical processing companies in North America by manufacturing and installing high performance fiberglass pipe, dual laminate pipe, dual laminate columns and towers, and custom composite equipment. In the chemical processing industry, FRP and dual laminates are favored for their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.

Material Selection and Design are Key to Performance

It’s important to note that while FRP has many advantages in the chemical processing industry, proper material selection and design are critical to ensure that it performs effectively in the intended environment. Engineers and designers must consider factors such as chemical compatibility, temperature, pressure, and mechanical loads when using FRP in chemical processing applications.

The dual laminates and FRP used in chemical processing facilities offer different characteristics than those offered by metallic piping, so it’s usually advantageous to contract with field service technicians who specialize in these materials of construction. Our national field service teams provide inspection, installation, maintenance and repair services to chlor-alkali plants, fertilizer plants, acid recovery plants, VCM plants and specialty chemical plants throughout the US, they also provide peace of mind.

Our loyal industrial customers know their purchase goes beyond expertly-built and maintained products to include project management, engineering and design, a culture of safety and responsibility, technical expertise at every level of the company, and solid fiscal management, that combine to reduce exposure to risk and drive project success.

The RPS Chemical Resistance Guide

We’ve developed a number of piping systems, which have been designed to provide outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical environments. Download our Guide to explore the RPS family of HPPE (High Performance Pre-Engineered) piping systems.

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