Over 50 Years of Composites Innovation and Service

A Wide Range of Industries Served

Over 50 Years of Composites Innovation and Service

A Legacy of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) Manufacturing


For more than fifty years RPS Composites has been providing engineered composite solutions to industrial customers for corrosive fluid handling, storage, and infrastructure applications. Our customers rely on RPS to deliver products and services – on time and safely – that reduce downtime and extend the service life of their process equipment. We specialize in manufacturing customized FRP pipe (fiberglass reinforced pipe).

With thousands of installations in more than 40 countries worldwide we have unsurpassed experience in providing custom solutions for corrosive processing environments. RPS operates manufacturing and service facilities near the major centers of Halifax Nova Scotia, Washington DC, Columbus Ohio, Birmingham Alabama, Mobile Alabama, Lafayette Louisiana, Houston Texas, and Salt Lake City Utah.

Our products are highly customizable and progressive leaders in the fluid handling and storage industries ask for them by name: corrosion resistant P-150, high temperature corrosion resistant H-150, erosion / corrosion resistant A-150 and other fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP); Maxar™, Maxar Flex™ and other dual laminate pipe systems.