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Pipe Supports

Inadequate consideration of pipe supports, both quantity and style, is one of the leading causes of problems with an FRP piping system.

For FRP piping systems, support spacing is closer than that of steel piping, yet wider apart than supports for thermoplastic piping. Refer to RPS A-150 and P-150 product bulletins or contact RPS Engineering for allowable support spans to ensure an adequate number of pipe supports are supplied.

In general pipe supports for FRP piping will be wider and more robust than for metallic pipe in order to prevent points loads and keep the FRP pipe round. All supports (except flange supports) are lined with rubber to prevent chafing of the FRP. Refer to the RPS Design Manual for tips on choosing the right style of support and for placement of supports away from elbows and buildups, and at heavy equipment such as valves.

A complete line of standard supports suitable for our FRP and Dual Laminate piping is included in the RPS Pipe Support Catalog. Custom-designed supports are also available as required to suit particular project requirements.

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