January 26, 2023

Western Fire Protection Joins RPS Industrial Group

January 3, 2023, London, Ontario, Canada – We’re pleased to announce that today, Western Fire Protection of London ON, has been acquired by Zynik Capital and will be organized among the RPS Industrial Group of companies.

Western Fire Protection builds on a tradition of excellence that began in 2003 with its founders, Todd Van De Peer, and Ryan Renneboog. The Company serves customers all over southern Ontario and currently offers fire sprinkler installation in new builds and retrofits; and inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection apparatus and equipment.

Todd Van De Peer, President, and Ryan Renneboog, VP, are enthusiastic about the acquisition. Todd states, “Ryan and I are proud to have built one of the largest private fire protection contractors in the province of Ontario and are very excited for the future of Western Fire Protection with the added resources from our new partners. Support from the Zynik corporation, and collaboration with Superior Sprinkler, our new sister-company, not only means a stronger market position for us, but increased benefit to our customers, and they are at the heart of everything we do.”

Jeff Fraser, CEO of the RPS Industrial Group welcomes the acquisition. “Western Fire is a top notch company and we’re proud to include it among our Group of building services companies. We look forward to growing alongside their experienced leadership team and skilled technicians.”

This brings the number of fire protection companies in the Industrial Group to three, after Superior Sprinkler Ltd in Vaughan ON and Calgary AB, and Save All Fire Services in Edmonton AB. Businesses in these regions will now have access to increased fire detection and fire suppression services, more robust supply chains, and improved response time.

To learn more, go to Western Fire Protection.