Composite equipment is extremely durable. Many applications can have a service life of over 50 years. But it’s a unique material with its own strengths and limitations, different from metallics in many ways.

To ensure your dual laminate and FRP equipment performs to its potential, RPS technicians will travel to your site to provide a detailed inspection. Using real time diagnostics and reporting methods, we can usually deliver a report and make recommendations before we even leave your site. And if we’ve completed a past inspection of your site, we can access those records and compare asset status year-over-year.

Non-destructive testing relies heavily on inspector experience for proper issue recognition and assessment. For this reason, we recommend FRP equipment inspections be performed by FRP experts for their identification, assessment, and remediation skills.

Our turnkey FRP solution includes our ability to conduct dual laminate and FRP pipe inspections, custom equipment, and tank inspections (when empty or while operating – see below) from any of our eight IDS centers throughout continental USA. If your equipment needs replacing, there is a good chance we have matching pipe and/or fittings in our service vehicle. If not, your part could be in one of our three Distribution centers. If it’s a custom piece that needs to be replaced, we can manufacture it in one of our four manufacturing facilities.

An inspection has identified surface cracks in an FRP Recycle Pipe Shear Collar


RPS now offers UltraAnalytixTM, a state-of-the-art ultrasonic testing and software system designed by UT Comp. This non-destructive testing method determines the condition of both fiberglass reinforced plastic and dual laminate equipment while the equipment and plant are in operation. This method eliminates down time and the losses associated with it, as well as the risk of confined-space entry. The resulting report documents asset changes over time for proactive service life forecasting that supports a robust Asset Management System and Process Safety Management Planning.

“UltraAnalytix® has proven to be the best available technology for determining the percentage of design strength and remaining life cycle of the FRP asset.”

Pradip Khaladkar

Find out how our highly skilled team of FRP inspection experts can help make sure your equipment continues to perform to its potential.