FRP and Dual Laminate Field SERVICE

From 24/7 emergency repairs, to longer scheduled shut downs and maintenance contracts, RPS provides skilled and experienced FRP and field service teams to extend the service life of your industrial composite assets. We most recently opened a service location in Vancouver, Washington, from where we effectively support our customers in the Northwest region, and future openings are being considered.

At RPS we provide our customers with the highest value per dollar. Our estimating team works tirelessly to get you a fair and accurate quote, with quality and safety built into our offering.

Our service team’s goal is always to use our expertise to do the job right the first time, quickly, safely, expertly and in a well-coordinated manner. We pride ourselves on being on top of each service project from conception to completion, limiting the cost of change orders and unanticipated expenses to our customers and their contractors.

We can help you manage all your corrosion resistant composite assets, including pipe systems, tanks, vessels, fume handling systems, stacks, hoods, covers, linings, and more. Last year, we delivered more than 150,000 field hours to industrial customers in the Gulf region alone. Along with that FRP field service, we also delivered peace of mind.



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A safe and healthy work environment for all is one of our core values. RPS is dedicated to the development, implementation and adoption of a company-wide safety management program from the ground-up, ensuring compliance with company standards, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements. Our employees and our customers rely on us for the processes and procedures that make this goal a reality.

You’ll find many of our locations and/or individual employees have been certified or pre-qualified by the following organizations – Avetta, ISNetworld, OSHA, TWIC and MSHA.

Our multiple manufacturing and service facilities in the United States and Canada enable us to provide best-in-class service response times and production capacity.

Customers and asset owners trust RPS Field Service to do the right thing, every time, on every job. To learn more about how our experienced service teams can extend the life of your industrial assets, please contact us.