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Mineral Processing

Our mining and mineral processing customers with locations in Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America are benefiting from the superior performance of FRP and dual laminate piping, tanks, and vessels. The transportation of acids, bases, brines, and abrasive slurries call for FRP materials, as do mixing shafts, and corrosive solution processing and storage.

Our customers in mineral processing are also benefiting from the expertise and craftsmanship of our Field Services teams who are often called on for inspection services, tank relining, installation, and emergency repair.

In demand by this industry:

HPPE P-150
Corrosion Resistant
Pipe and Fittings

HPPE A-150
Corrosion and
Abrasion Resistant
Pipe and Fittings

Field Services

To read more about RPS’s capability in serving the mineral processing industry, see our Case Study, Nickel Processing Plant from the Ground Up, where we provided over 200,000 ft of 1″ – 54″ process piping, 30,000 fittings, and more.