Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is an excellent material choice for a broad spectrum of corrosive fluids and, in many cases, offers best value per dollar. In addition to a corrosion resistant line, RPS provides a corrosion and abrasion resistant line, and two high temperature corrosion resistant lines. We also stock an inventory of the most commonly specified diameters in both the US and Canada.


When the application is more aggressive, such as when temperatures and/or concentrations are high, or when purity is critical, a dual laminate will likely provide better performance than FRP. A dual laminate pipe system incorporates a thermoplastic liner in an FRP structure, combining the enhanced corrosion resistance of thermoplastics with the higher strength and load carrying capabilities of FRP.

Help with Material Selection

The following resources will help you choose the piping system that provides the performance you want without paying for more than you need:
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