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Field Services

When downtime is measured in minutes.  

Field Services

When downtime is measured in minutes.  

Field Services

When downtime is measured in minutes.  

When downtime is measured in minutes, you can count on RPS Field Services to do the job right, do it quickly, and do it safely. From emergency repairs 24/7, to longer scheduled shut downs and maintenance contracts, RPS can provide skilled and experienced technicians to extend the service life of your facility.

Last year, we delivered over 159,000 field hours to industrial customers in the Gulf region alone.

We also delivered peace of mind.


Most failures of pipe systems and equipment result from installation errors. For more than thirty years we have been successfully installing composite equipment and pipe systems (our own and those made by others) in industrial processing facilities around the world: Chemical Plants, Mineral Processing Plants, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills, Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities, even Steel Mills and seagoing vessels and platforms.

RPS knows composites; from initial design through final installation, helping you realize the full benefit of these non-metallic corrosion resistant materials is what we do.


Composite equipment is extremely durable and in many applications can have a 50+ year service life. To ensure your equipment performs to its potential, RPS technicians will travel to your site to provide a detailed inspection service. Using real time diagnostics and reporting methods, we can make recommendations even before we leave your site. We can help you manage all your corrosion resistant composite assets, including pipe systems, tanks, vessels, fume handling systems, stacks, hoods, covers, linings, and more.


What Sets Us Apart?

We can deploy inspectors from any of our eight IDS centers throughout continental USA, and if your equipment needs replacing, there’s a good chance we have matching pipe and/or fittings in our service vehicle. If not, your part could be in one of our three Distribution centers, and if it’s a custom piece, we can manufacture it in one of our four manufacturing facilities.


RPS maintenance services are available for 24/7 emergency service as well as for scheduled turnarounds and long-term maintenance contracts. From modification of existing equipment and pipe systems, to relining or wholesale replacement, our Field Technicians have the skills and experience to deliver value to your facility, safely and on time. Many of our clients find the best solutions when we are embedded in their facilities, working with them behind their fence line to provide real time information and support. In this way we can work collaboratively to identify root causes and develop custom solutions.

RPS now has an inventory of HPPE P-150, A-150, and H-150-200 pipe and fittings available for immediate purchase and delivery. It’s our intention to maintain stock in our Inspection, Distribution, and Service (IDS) Centers in Northeast US, the Gulf Coast, and Atlantic Canada, so you can have the reliability and performance of our pre-engineered pipe and fittings, without the wait. With the help of our proprietary web app, RPS Stock Tracker, our IDS Centers can quickly find inventory that’s closest to your site and can call on multiple RPS facilities to fulfil your order.

Let us know if you would prefer we ship it loose, if we should sub-assemble it before shipment, or if our field services team should bring it along with them to your site.

RPS Composites helped us during a month-long shutdown at the Kennecott Smelter in Salt Lake City. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work they provided and the manner in which they conducted business. They met and exceeded all of our safety and training guidelines and while on site did not have a single safety incident. They responded quickly and safely to changes in work scope and did whatever it took to make sure the job was done right. Due to their focus, planning, and expertise, they were able to accomplish all jobs a week ahead of schedule.

Thanks again,

Smelter Shutdown Team, 2014

Rio Tinto / Kennecott

Third-Party Vetting and Pre-Qualifications

We are as concerned with safety and quality as you are. We also value ease of doing business and compliance. That’s why you’ll find many of our locations and/or individual employees have been certified or pre-qualified by the following organizations: