JBR Internals

A jet bubbling reactor is one of several methods used by coal-fired power plants to reduce SO2 emissions. The environment inside the reactor is highly corrosive. Over time, FRP has proven to be, un-questionably, the material of choice for JBR internals.

RPS Composites has partnered with design experts at some of America’s largest utility companies to manufacture FRP equipment that helps extend the life of their FGD assets. RPS is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of FRP decks, down comers and gas riser tubes, FRP beams and columns, and FRP deck wash pipe and pipe supports. RPS vacuum-infused FRP alignment grids are un-matched in cost and quality, and have become the product of choice at many large utilities. The figure below illustrates a typical JBR.

RPS Composites’ piping and equipment have a proven track record in over 200 FGD plant installations dating back to 1970. RPS not only fabricates JBR internals, but our Field Service division has more experience in the installation and maintenance of JBR internals than anyone in North America. 

Whether you’re focused on service, retrofits, or replacement, choose a company that has been supporting the FGD  industry from the beginning. Choose RPS.