Industrial Contracting

Contractors hire RPS Field Service personnel to temporarily expand their capability when specialized craftwork comes along. Fiberglass sub-contractors make good sense when a project calls for extensive dual laminate pipe joining, FRP field butt joints (pipe and duct), FRP overwrapping, or even thermoplastic welding for CPVC duct installation. Our experienced composite technicians will do the job safely and efficiently, and if the job warrants it, we will also provide Supervisors, Foremen, and Project Managers to ensure our portion of the project is successful.

Our loyal Contractors know the additional value of working with RPS Field Service: skilled Estimators that don’t drown them with change orders, multiple FRP and dual laminate plants that can manufacture any replacement equipment, engineering and design teams that can assist with troubleshooting, and solid fiscal management that means we won’t disappear over night.

Sub-contracting to RPS Field Service for qualified bonders, thermoplastic welders, laminators, and team management not only saves time, money, and HR resources, but earns great reviews from customers.


Contact Us and one of our Field Service Managers will provide more information about how our craft workers, project managers, and operational expertise can support your next project.