July 6, 2020

COVID-19 Update July 2020

We continue to operate safely in this challenging environment with no cases reported in our personnel. We are also aware that the COVID-19 virus will be a threat to our personnel as well as yours for the foreseeable future.

As leaders we have identified measures that keep our people safe. We have a Pandemic Response Plan that is comprehensive and are willing to share this with all our customers. We are in this together and if you are safe, we are safe. Please contact us if you would like a copy or wish to discuss our procedures in person.

We are continuously learning from our customers as our crews operate on your sites. Again, if we adjust and learn we can and will get through this and will keep our people and their families safe. Rather than list all the measures we have taken, we choose to list our challenges. These are our focus.

  • Ensure our people have the PPE and disinfectant required, always. This is difficult to procure and expensive, but it is our duty.
  • Push social distancing, personal hygiene and masks as the most effective safety measures. Assess all work situations to ensure we can practice these behaviors.
  • Understand that the measures above go against most people’s nature. We are social creatures and as soon as we perceive the threat to be reduced, we will tend to revert to our nature. This is not going to go away and we as leaders must ensure we reinforce this message continuously.
  • We cannot wait for issues to arise and we continue to meet daily at the highest level to assess the threats and mitigate them.

Again, we would be happy to discuss our Response Plan with you in more detail, and welcome your call or contact form submission.