COVID-19 Update May 4th

We continue to operate safely in this challenging environment with no cases reported in our personnel. We see the next phase as the most challenging and are redoubling our efforts to deal with the reopening of the Country.

In order to protect our workers and our customers we have adopted the following measures.

  • We have provided training to all our employees on the particulars of this virus and the importance of distancing and hygiene. We believe this allows our people to keep themselves and their families safe while they navigate the risks outside our workplace. This ultimately reduces the chance of the virus entering our facilities and yours.
  • Where possible, our employees continue to work remotely. We plan to keep this up long term to allow social distancing, and have developed communication tools that allow us to do this with no loss in productivity.
  • We have established social distancing in all our facilities and wear prescribed PPE when we are unable to guarantee this.
  • We are advising anyone that is ill or showing symptoms prior to work to seek medical attention and guidance on when to report back to work.
  • We are restricting travel within the organization to absolutely essential / work-related only, and with senior leadership approval in all cases.
  • Any new hiring has to be approved by senior leadership, and geographical tracking of the individual to be hired has to be verified to make sure the person is not from, and has not travelled to, a known hot spot area for COVID-19.
  • We have shared-surface protocols in place and maintain regular disinfecting and cleaning activities. Note these are the primary tools that keep our workforce safe and we do not intend to relax them until a vaccine is in place.
  • We continue to add layers of protection as we identify protocols that may reduce risk. We are taking temperatures at all our facilities and sending home anyone with a fever or other symptoms, until we know it is safe for their return. Meanwhile, we track that employee’s contacts in case formal contact tracing is required as a result of a positive test.
  • We are adopting the wearing of surgical masks to protect shared surfaces, and are augmenting social distancing.
  • We feel it will be necessary to allow limited visitors into the plants but we plan to control this by limiting their access and ensuring they follow all our protocols.
  • Our senior leadership group meets every day to discuss People (Have we had any incidents), Work (What are our Customers’ needs and challenges), Materials (How is our supply chain holding up, particularly with PPE ), Guidance (What is the situation and latest guidance in all jurisdictions where we operate).
  • We have made a Company commitment that we will not relax until we have a vaccine in place. Even then we feel our approach to health and hygiene will be forever changed.

Lastly, we are watching you, our customers and learning from you so that we can continue to serve your needs and operate safely at your facilities and ours.