Sustainable Innovation in Pulp and Paper: Our Perspective

Bravo to the NC State Researchers Championing Sustainable Innovation in the Pulp and Paper Industry

At RPS Composites, we recognize that innovation is the driving force behind sustainable advancements in any industry. The pulp and paper industry, being one of the world’s largest, is no exception. The exciting breakthrough at NC State University, where researchers are developing a climate-friendly solution for this industry, represents the exact kind of forward-thinking we commend and champion as industry partners and environmental stewards.

The initiative led by NC State could help overhaul the traditional kraft process, a mainstay in pulp production, responsible for considerable greenhouse gas emissions. The pioneering use of deep eutectic solvents (DES) heralds a new chapter in pulp production, promising to mitigate emissions and usher in an era of bioproducts that can help transform the industry and reduce its ecological footprint.

This revolutionary work aligns with the mission and vision of RPS Composites. We support customers operating in tough environments and the role of the goods we manufacture is to help our customers achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. We produce fiberglass reinforced tanks and pipe systems that handle the harsh, corrosive materials inherent in pulp and paper production. With the industry moving toward DES-based methods, our products are set to become even more pivotal. They offer the necessary durability and safety assurances that will be crucial in the transition to more sustainable production processes.

RPS Composites’ products are more than just infrastructure; they are enablers of change. The fiberglass reinforced systems we create are designed to withstand the demands of innovative and evolving production processes. As the pulp and paper industry ventures into more sustainable territory, our systems provide the reliability and safety needed to embrace these new methods confidently.

The transition to a more sustainable pulp and paper industry is not a solitary journey. It is a collective endeavor, demanding active participation from all sectors involved. RPS Composites celebrates those who strive for innovations that move all toward a more sustainable future.

Innovation is in our DNA and as we look ahead, we’re embracing the horizon bright with possibilities. Sustainable innovations in the pulp and paper industry have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about production, consumption, and waste management.

piled logs waiting processing at a pulp and paper plant

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