July 22, 2022

Playing a Role in the Energy Transition

Undoubtedly, we’re experiencing a monumental shift in the way we generate power and electricity, and composites can play a significant role in transporting, storing, and processing some of the more corrosive services.

For decades, RPS Composites has been a preferred supplier to several dominant mining companies using hydrometallurgical processes. Our FRP and dual laminate pipe and vessels are currently used at plants processing gold, silver, copper, bromine, rare earth oxides, aluminum, lithium, nickel, and many others. We are a part of the lithium-ion battery supply chain, including raw cathode material production, and battery recycling processes that recover critical minerals.

From CCUS to hydrogen production, FRP and dual laminate equipment aid in the decarbonization movement. Our duct, for example, will be installed at a large carbon capture test facility in 2023, while we’ve had other FRP equipment in place at a national test facility in Alabama for several years. Most recently we’ve answered the call for piping and storage tanks in alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) hydrogen production facilities.

With our teams of engineers, manufacturing technicians, and field service crews, RPS Composites is well-prepared to support your clean energy project.