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Steel Pickling and Electrogalvanizing


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Electrogalvanizing is the process whereby zinc is deposited on steel to protect it from oxidation. This is a highly corrosive environment due to the acid-zinc solution, and cleaning and rinsing baths, where non-metallic vessels, piping, and venting equipment are used. Most of our metals industry expertise is in our Ohio facility, in fact, several key employees have direct experience in the steel industry. 

RPS has the expertise and operational flexibility to service or repair other coating equipment, so please contact us if we can help you.

RPS Composites’ high performance piping and equipment excel in the corrosive atmosphere of a pickling line.

When hot rolled steel comes off the line it starts oxidizing right away, forming a scale over the surface, so before the steel can be worked again it goes through a pickling process to remove these impurities. This is a highly acidic environment requiring non-metallic vessels, piping, and venting equipment to contain acid, waste, and vapor. The hotter the process, the more likely that FRP will out-perform thermoplastics alone.

In this environment we excel at custom manufacturing (HCl storage tank baffles, for example) and field service.

Our Ohio facility also specializes in the repair, rebuild, and service of Keystone Collector Heads and Carestone Polisher Bars for steel process coating lines. We are equipped to repair 15,000, 30,000 and 36,000 amp heads. We inspect collector heads, provide a detailed inspection report documenting failure analysis, and make recommendations for how to extend the lifespan of your collector heads.