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From plant managers to maintenance crews, our end users are realizing the financial and operational benefits of using FRP piping and equipment.

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Flue Gas Desulfurization

Since 1970 RPS has been supplying composite materials to coal-fired power plants worldwide. Applications include recycle pipes, internal absorber spray pipes, mist eliminator wash pipes, limestone and gypsum slurry process pipe, seawater process pipe, CCR/ELG piping, cooling water piping, wastewater piping, complete internals for jet bubbling reactors, and inlet and outlet ductwork. Installed in more than 200 FGD systems, RPS’ abrasion and corrosion resistant composites have proven to be cost effective and provide superior performance to rubber lined carbon steel and high nickel alloy materials. Figure 1 illustrates where RPS has typically supplied FRP in a wet limestone spray tower.

Recycle Pipe

Since the 1970’s utilities all over the world have identified RPS A-150 as their preferred option for FGD recycle pipe. Our proprietary abrasion resistant, reinforced corrosion/abrasion liner has a proven track record in limestone and gypsum slurry applications, continually out-performing rubber lined carbon steel at a fraction of the cost of nickel alloys.

RPS Field Services can also install, refurbish, or maintain your A-150 piping allowing for decades of worry free operation. So while other areas of your plant are giving you sleepless nights, you won’t have a worry with our A-150 recycle pipe hard at work 24 hours a day.

Internal Absorber Spray Pipe

RPS AA-Series FRP spray headers have been used since the 1970’s in FGD internals as a cost effective, long lasting alternative to rubber-lined carbon steel, and nickel alloys. The internal and external lining in our FRP headers is virtually unaffected by the acid and high chloride environment inside an FGD tower that eats away at metallic piping. Small- and medium-sized FGD towers can utilized self supporting FRP header designs. In larger towers, even with supporting beams, FRP headers are still the most economical choice. Lightweight, easy to install, with options liked flanged or Victaulic ends, adhesively bonded joints or traditional butt joints, FRP offers design flexibility unmatched by metallic piping.

RPS Field Services can also install, refurbish, or maintain your AA-Series. Our A30-30 trowelable epoxy enhanced abrasion resistant paste can be applied in high wear areas or as an easy way to repair local erosion.

Mist Eliminator Wash Pipe

Low installed cost and long service life make RPS A-150 and P-150 an excellent choice for mist eliminator wash piping in FGD Absorbers, available with top, bottom, or top and bottom, FNPT outlets. By replacing unnecessary flanges with low cost adhesive joints, RPS P-150 and A-150 can be less expensive than stainless steel and much more corrosion resistant, providing a long worry-free service life. Send us your layout and service conditions and we can quickly tell you if A-150 or P-150 will work and what the cost will be.

Slurry Process Pipe

RPS has prefabricated more FRP FGD process pipe than anyone in North America. Our high performance pre-engineered (HPPE) P-150 and A-150 pipe and fittings are in stock throughout North America allowing us to provide the lowest cost, shortest lead-time, FRP pipe spools in the industry. Our digital pipe catalogue, available in AutoCAD Plant 3D (other formats in process) and Pipe Stress Analysis tools, allow designers to quickly model and analyse our FRP piping systems. Our in-house 3D modelled shop drawings allow our ASME Certified pipefitters to assemble spools more accurately and more cost efficiently than any other FRP manufacturer.

Our proprietary software programs, Parts Tracker and Spool Tracker, give our project managers and production team the tools to track the progress of parts and spools from release to production, to locating spools in crates at your jobsite. Simply send us a bill of materials, your isometric drawings, or 3-D models and we’ll provide you with a complete cost and lead time for a loose or prefabricated FRP process pipe system.

CCR/ELG Piping

EPA regulations are mandating utilities control coal residuals and effluent containments. This is leading to big changes in coal-fired utilities’ wastewater management. FRP pipe is emerging as the go-to material for processing CCR and ELG wastewater. Many utilities and A&E design firms identify RPS A-150 as the material of choice due to its combination of abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and cost far superior to rubber-lined carbon steel or nickel alloys. Offering all the spooling, lead time, and cost advantages utilities are already familiar with in their FGD process pipe, RPS A-150 high performance pre-engineered piping is a natural for CCR/ELG projects. 

Cooling Water Pipe

As part of our high performance, pre-engineered family of products, RPS routinely supplies our A-150 and P-150 pipe for cooling water applications, typically up to 60” diameter and 150 psi. However, if 150 psi piping doesn’t fit the bill, RPS can provide above ground pipe designs as low as 75 psi rated, fully engineered with maximum shop assembly. When combined with our pipe supports and field installation abilities, RPS is able to offer one stop shop for your cooling water applications.

JBR Internals

FRP has proven over time to be, un-questionably, the material of choice for JBR internals. RPS is the industry leader in the design, and manufacture of FRP decks, down comers and gas riser tubes, FRP beams and columns, and FRP deck wash pipe and pipe supports. RPS vacuum infused FRP sparger tube alignment grids are un-matched in cost and quality and have become the product of choice at many large utilities. RPS not only fabricates JBR internals but our Field Services division has more experience in the installation and maintenance of JBR internals than anyone in North America. So whether it’s your next shut down or a complete overhaul of your system, look to RPS as your turnkey resource for JBR internals.