Case Study: New FRP Production Line for International Chemical Company

Case Studies

New Production Line
A global chemistry company with various leading market positions planned to construct a new production line at one of its plants. RPS Composites had been providing this Company with piping systems since 1995 and was awarded this job based on extensive product knowledge, past history, and competitive value.

Piping Design – Engineering and Drafting

RPS Engineering worked with our customer to develop specifications for their pipe systems that referenced current industry codes, standards, and practices.

Bonder Training and Certification

Many of our customers opt to train their maintenance crews so that they enhance capabilities in house and decrease the number of field service calls. Trainees were provided with all written material, supervision of a qualified technician, and procedures followed ASME B31.3.

From mid-2013 to the end of 2014 RPS delivered over 17,000 metres of frp pipe, comprising 4000 pipe spools, all with maximum pre-assembly. During that period, we made over 60 shipments from 4 plants in the USA and Canada.

RPS Composites has worked in more than 18 countries around the world to provide customers with safe, timely, engineered composite solutions that provide decades of maintenance-free operation. To make the smart choice for your next project, click here to complete the Information Request form.